Natural Skin

Between nature and design

Natural Skin is a practical kitchen, intended to allow versatile use of any living-space. With Natural Skin even small-sized island or wall-mounted compositions can be created with all the geometric clarity of lines and proportions distinctive to this collection. The doors, in a variety of finishes but all with a strongly tactile character, range from wood to sophisticated whole-colour shades, and are combined with a vast assortment of worktops in a large number of original materials. The collection also includes tall units and monoliths that conceal pantries and appliances and can serve as real partition walls.

Slimline and sophisticated worktops

Meticulously chosen and sourced, the materials used for the Natural Skin worktops are original, innovative and exclusive. Their exquisite finishes, with a strongly traditional “feel”, are provided by the skilled hands of local craftsmen. Worktops can be particularly slimline, with thicknesses from 2 to 20 mm.

A limitless collection

Volumes that enable an overwhelming compositional freedom, this collection’s tall units define spaces and functions. They can separate rooms, becoming real monoliths, free-standing units accessible from all angles, or can provide small pantries that fit easily into any kitchen.

Cooking with an original touch

As well as the more conventional hobs, Natural Skin can include appliances from the DominoTomato series, exclusively designed for Minacciolo. Compositional flexibility, ground-breaking technology and sophisticated design are the main features of these original hobs, characterised by a black colour base and Tomato, the tomato-red knob.

Versatility and design

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