Milan Design Week: Minacciolo participates at “Batman 80Th Birthday Party”

Minacciolo celebrated the dark superhero 80th anniversary, as sponsor and partner at “Batman 80th Birthday Party”, event which took place at the historical theatre Manzoni in Milan last April, 9th 2019 during the renowned Milan Design Week.
For this special night conceived by QMI Stardust in collaboration with Warner Bros, the architect Fabio Rotella created a total black interior design area where the space had been customized thanks to selected iconic elements.

On scene, a special Minà installation was the ideal set for a total black superhero kitchen where the famous bartender Bruno Vanzan and the well-known chef Ambra Romani arranged special black cocktails and food. During the event, all guests could appreciate a live performance of the famous maître chocolatier Davide Comaschi who gave birth to the most representative icons of these 80 years of Batman with Callebaut black chocolate while listening to the live music of the music designer Mauro Bruno.

All those bat-moments, occurred during this exclusive evening, had been the fil noir that took the guests until the cake cutting in a total black atmosphere, obviously. Everything turned around Minà kitchen that, thanks to its captivating design and dark style, yielded a great success.

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