Living room



Living room

The Heritage living area brings a unique atmosphere to country and town houses. The number of items available makes for a wide variety of solutions to choose from. The boiserie panelling works with load bearing elements and the open book shelves create flexible living spaces, integrating sofas and coffee tables. The desks are reminiscent of the past, while the living room interiors are ideally suited to evening conversations. A wide variety of accessories is available to choose from: wall or floor lamps, refined chandeliers, precious fabrics and many other decorative items to complete the whole proposal.

Making room for secret compartments

Attention is given to even the smallest details, without wasting space – extraordinary hidden drawers are revealed behind simple cabinet fronts, while small elements are used to order and arrange personal objects. The furnishings help to organize and hold secrets, thereby maintaining the charm of an elegant setting on the exterior.

Unprecedented and flexible designs

The various elements that make up the line are specifically designed so that they work well together. This is why they provide large and wonderful sideboards, just like the spacious and elegant interior storage units for the lunch area as well as the living area.

Every day is a banquet

Truly complete and harmonious in every detail, the exclusive Heritage collection offers various themes for tables and chairs. As for all of the matching interior elements and fittings, the line has an original, romantic and elegant style which is apparent even in the lunch area.

Versatility and design

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