There is one detail in the world that is never secondary to fashion – elegance, an essential element of settings decorated with the Heritage collection. The classic style kitchen recounts the history of Made in Italy products through its clean lines and fine finishes. The robust structures create poetry when combined with the airy lightness of the sophisticated colours that enhance the understated decorative elements. Unfaltering Italian taste conceals the modernity of the technology and the striking play of heights among open and closed cabinets, panelling and functional worktops.

Exquisite details in fine materials

Drawing on the local artisan tradition and cultural memory, our products feature the finest materials. Classic taste is enlivened with durable new elements, giving it a contemporary twist to easily meet the current need for practicality.

A wealth of drawers with accessories

Opening an Heritage drawer brings an unexpected return to everyday life. Order becomes simple elegance with wood and steel accessories – utensil holders, can holders, spice holders, dish holders and containers to separate recycling, each with its own subtle style, combine to create a single enchanting melody.

Compositions of secret spaces

The elegance and practicality of Heritage is also expressed in the accessories and interior fittings – base and tall units can contain a wide range of chrome metal mechanisms.

Versatility and design

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