In Heritage the bathroom area is the perfect balance between reminiscing about times gone by and pure contemporary comfort, to create a refined and inviting space. The careful and elegant design, brings together the aristocratic consistency and every unit is justified as being functional without any useless excess decorations. But it still has the wow factor and in fact it stands out due to its subtle elegance, rewarding the master of the house as well as the guests. Minacciolo also offers bathroom fixtures in addition to all the wooden furnishings.

Comfort and harmony

From the spa to the home – wellbeing is sought through the five senses and must first be found in everyday private life. Among the furnishings and objects that decorate the entire home with charm, certain elements that are particularly functional for the bathroom lend an exclusive feel even to small rooms, harmoniously blending modernity and elegance.

Natural surfaces

The focal point of the furniture is the basin area. In order to achieve functional ergonomics and to give a cosy and spacious feel, carefully designed products are paramount. The surfaces used are natural and designed to create a unique feel and encourage a sense of well-being.

Tailormade order and beauty

Today the bathroom is a space where you can treat yourself so it needs to be a dedicated but adaptable space. To achieve this, the bathroom units from the collection come with various storage units to allow you to create a space that is tidy and intimate.

Versatility and design

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