From the production of kitchens to the creation of dynamic spaces, we are proud to offer complete solutions for living spaces. Minacciolo excels as a partner for interior designers and architectural projects, for the design and realization of all living spaces. Every step of the journey is followed with professionality and care; from mapping out the initial concept in the studio to the installation process and after-sales support. Our bespoke approach enables us to provide timely and effective solutions without ever losing sight of details.

Measured survey
Design assistance
Choice of materials

Each space designed by Minacciolo is not only the fruit of a tailor-made project, but the outcome of a shared process between us and the designer working on behalf of the client or retailers. This method of working results not only in furniture that is elegant, functional and high quality, but also in a complete range of solutions and services, including the design phase, the search for original materials; culminating in a complete living solution.


Starting from existing collections, the Minacciolo design team is able to develop personalized solutions completely adapted to the needs and desires of the customer. The client is followed at each step of the way in the choice of materials, finish and layout. We take pride in the fact that all spaces designed with the Minacciolo touch are always recognisable for their character and sophistication, expressing their personality with Italian elegance and flair.


The range of materials that we offer is the fruit of continuous research, aimed at offering our clients an extensive and handpicked selection. All materials are of the highest quality and are tested and checked by our experts, including authentic solid wood with natural grain, a wide range of fabrics, coverings, and unique materials such as lava stone and precious metals. Thanks to an established network of suppliers, our technical office is also able to discover ad-hoc solutions in addition to the standard range at the client’s request.

Custom Made

It is not always necessary to “think big” in order to have a completely personalised project. From small scale solutions to large spaces, we are able to work at every level with the same sartorial commitment and professional consultancy. Our aim is always to offer a result that completely satisfies the client’s needs.

All round solutions

Our collections can be mixed and merged with fluidity to create a ‘total look’ for the home. Kitchens that act as the focal point for the house can seamlessly blend into other living spaces, with an interior design vision that endows a strong personality to the rooms. From the living room to bedroom, bathroom and decor, we are able to offer complete solutions, focusing on every detail from the wall coverings to the smallest item of furniture.


Minacciolo works alongside studios, designers and interior designers with a spirit of collaboration and attentiveness. The modularity of all its products - from the initial concept of each line – takes into consideration specific creative and design needs. They can then be matched and arranged in different ways to produce single solutions: the heart of full creative expression. We can devise furnishing solutions for any context, environment or lifestyle without imposing limits on composition. Different solutions can be created for different needs; simple or complex, dramatic or restrained, all produced with technical and operational fluidity.

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Artisan culture

The artisan tradition and longstanding culture of design– in other words the heart of the ‘Made In Italy’ concept – are the concrete values on which Minacciolo founded his wood furniture and interior design business, encompassing all rooms of the home.

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